Personal Training with one of our certified instructors
Available at the studio or at your home gym

Regular Personal Training Rates

  • $79.00 for a 45min in-studio Personal training session
  • $89.00 for a 60min session with one of our trainers at YOUR gym in your housing complex
    (if applicable) & must be within a 3 mile radius of the PNT Studio.

The PNT Fitness team will build a workout schedule personalized for you, consisting of one or two personal training sessions per week and classes at the studio to accompany your personal sessions. This combination will help you reach your goals more efficiently and keep you energized throughout the week!

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Every year millions make the commitment to get in shape and lose weight. Some have the motivation to begin on their own while others lack the knowledge or the motivation. Perhaps, like many, it is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight or you have an important event coming up like your prom, high school reunion, wedding, or vacation. You made a promise to yourself that you will lose 10, 20, or 30 pounds before the event. But instead of using the event as your goal to get in better shape, perhaps you should try to change your thought process and get in shape for a long-term event – the event of life itself!

Whether you want to lose weight, tone-up, or be more flexible, PNT Fitness can help, offering nutrition counseling, toning focus, and agility training as part of the repertoire and will design a program that will work for you!